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Gang Recognition and Identification: The Process

The course is designed to teach professionals tasked with investigating gang-related criminal activity how to properly recognize the various indicators of criminal gangs and other criminal organizations participating in gang activities against the laws of respected states. The topics of instruction will equip students with skills and knowledge to properly recognize, identify, and document gang culture, gang paraphernalia, and gang members who participate in criminal activities. The course is delivered through a combination of classroom lectures and practical exercises, or can be delivered as a training seminar covering the following areas:

  • Introduction to The Gang Recognition and Identification Process

  • Recognition & Identification of Traditional, Nontraditional, and Hybrid Gangs

  • Recognition & Identification of Prison Gangs

  • Recognition & Identification of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

  • Recognition & Identification of Hate & Extremist Groups

  • Recognition & Identification of Hispanic/Latino Gangs

Gang Investigation and Prosecution: Best Practices

The course is designed to train professionals with knowledge, tools, and investigative and prosecutorial techniques to effectively detect, investigate, and assist in the prosecution of criminal street gangs and other criminal organizations. Topics covered include various gang statues, the RICO Act, the examination of relevant case law, gang search warrants and affidavits, gang interviews and interrogations, case file management, and how to become a gang expert witness. The course is delivered through a combination of classroom lectures and challenging practical exercises.

Human Trafficking Cases: From Crime Scene to the Courtroom

​A challenging course designed for investigators and prosecutors tasked with investigating and prosecuting Human Trafficking Cases associated with gangs or organized crime. This course covers various Human Trafficking laws, investigative techniques, and strategies along with prosecution challenges that could be faced while working through a case.  Attendees will be placed in teams consisting of an investigator and a prosecutor who will then be assigned a challenging task of working through a simulated case from response, crime scene processing, interviewing of role players, authoring a search warrant(s), constructing an investigative summary, trial preparation, and evidence presentation through a mock trial.  After the completion of this court, students will develop confidence in becoming practitioners in enforcement of Human Traffick Investigations.

Expert Witness

Jose Ramirez is a qualified gang expert witness for hire pertaining to criminal street gangs. Services can be retained for Defense or Prosecution to testify or assess gang cases. Given his 19+ years of training, knowledge, and experience, Ramirez is recognized as a subject matter expert in gang recognition and identification, gang investigation and prosecution, and the culture customs and activities associated with criminal street gangs, prison gangs, and outlaw motorcycle gangs.   

The Gang Element in Schools

A presentation designed for School Resource Officers, School Administrators, School Superintendents, and Public Safety Professionals tasked with the development, implementation, and assessment of school safety policies and practices. An analysis of the gang crisis across the United States highlights the effects of the gang element in schools regarding school safety. The attendees will become more aware of the operations of criminal street gangs and their criminal activity in schools and their communities.  The presentation will cover proper responses pertaining to prevention, intervention, and eradication strategies to address the gang element within schools.

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